Quiz LibraryGideon and Samson: Stories of Weakness and Strength (Selected Scriptures)
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Concepts covered:Gideon, Samson, weakness, strength, faith
Gideon and Samson are two biblical figures highlighted for their contrasting journeys of weakness and strength. Gideon transitions from weakness to strength through faith, while Samson, initially strong, becomes weak due to his flaws. Both men ultimately serve God's purposes, showcasing how God uses individuals regardless of their weaknesses or strengths.
Table of Contents1.God's Work Through Weak and Strong Leaders2.The Tragic Life of Samson: A Nazarite's Downfall3.Samson's Wedding Riddle and Retaliation4.Samson's Vengeful Acts and God's Deliverance5.The Tragic Tale of Samson's Strength and Weakness
God's Work Through Weak and Strong Leaders
Concepts covered:Gideon, Samson, weakness, strength, leadership
The chapter highlights the stories of Gideon and Samson, showcasing how God used both weak and strong individuals as leaders. Gideon, a weak man, was empowered by the Lord to bring peace to Israel, while Samson, a strong superhero, faced challenges that led to his downfall.
Question 1
How did Gideon's character change according to the text?
Question 2
What does Samson's story indicate about biblical leadership cycles?
Question 3
What was the result of Gideon's leadership on Israel?
The Tragic Life of Samson: A Nazarite's Downfall
Concepts covered:Samson, Nazarite vow, tragedy, Philistines, deliverance
The chapter delves into the tragic life of Samson, a Nazarite who failed to uphold his vow of separation and holiness. Despite his flagrant sins and destructive choices, God still used him to deliver Israel from Philistine oppression.
Question 4
How did Samson's traits affect his life's outcome?
Question 5
Who appeared to Manoah to announce Samson's birth?
Question 6
Which vow did Samson break by touching a dead body?
Samson's Wedding Riddle and Retaliation
Concepts covered:Samson, Philistines, wedding, riddle, retaliation
Samson's wedding among the Philistines turns into a drunken brawl as he challenges thirty Philistine men with an impossible riddle, leading to betrayal and a violent retaliation.
Question 7
What did Samson do after his wife betrayed him?
Question 8
Who were the thirty men at Samson's wedding?
Question 9
What was the content of Samson's riddle?
Samson's Vengeful Acts and God's Deliverance
Concepts covered:Samson, vengeance, betrayal, judgment, deliverance
Samson's vengeful acts unfold as he seeks to make things right, only to face betrayal and tragedy. Despite his uncontrollable rage, God uses Samson as an instrument of judgment on the Philistines, leading to a dramatic showdown and eventual deliverance.
Question 10
Why did Samson's ropes break during the Philistine attack?
Question 11
What was Samson's initial hope upon returning?
Question 12
How long did Samson judge Israel during Philistine conflicts?
The Tragic Tale of Samson's Strength and Weakness
Concepts covered:Samson, strength, weakness, vengeance, faith
Samson's life is marked by superhuman strength and fatal attraction to sinful weakness. Despite his downfall due to personal vengeance and lust, he ultimately sacrifices himself to fulfill God's will, showcasing the transformation from strength to weakness and back to strength through faith.
Question 13
What happened when Samson lost his hair?
Question 14
What motivated Samson's final act of strength?
Question 15
Why did Philistines use Delilah against Samson?

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