Quiz LibraryHow to set up GoDaddy domain for your website (DNS + forwarding naked domain)
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=72BlLFdzzNMvideo
Concepts covered:GoDaddy domain setup, Transistor website connection, DNS configuration, Custom domain forwarding, Naked domain redirection
The video demonstrates how to set up a custom domain purchased on GoDaddy for a website created on Transistor, involving configuring DNS settings and forwarding the naked domain to the www version for proper functionality.
Table of Contents1.Connecting a Custom Domain to Your Transistor Website2.Setting Up Custom Domain and Forwarding in GoDaddy for Transistor.fm
Connecting a Custom Domain to Your Transistor Website
Concepts covered:Transistor, custom domain, GoDaddy, website setup, DNS configuration
Learn how to connect a custom domain to your website created on Transistor using a domain purchased on GoDaddy. Follow the steps to set up the custom domain in both your GoDaddy and Transistor accounts.
Question 1
Where to type your custom domain in Transistor?
Question 2
How to initiate domain setup in Transistor?
Question 3
Why choose a custom domain for a website?
Setting Up Custom Domain and Forwarding in GoDaddy for Transistor.fm
Concepts covered:GoDaddy, Transistor.fm, custom domain setup, CNAME records, domain forwarding
Learn how to set up a custom domain in GoDaddy for your Transistor.fm podcast website by deleting or editing A records, adding CNAME records, and forwarding non-www to www versions for seamless access. Ensure proper propagation time for changes to take effect.
Question 4
How to configure a CNAME for www in GoDaddy?
Question 5
How to forward a naked domain to www version?
Question 6
What is the purpose of deleting the A record?

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