Quiz LibraryYou are your data – why you should stop cooperating | Alexander Karan | TEDxYouth@Perth
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Concepts covered:Data privacy, Online footprint, Data harvesting, Manipulation through data, Influence on democracy
Our data is being used in damaging ways as everything we do online leaves a footprint, impacting our privacy and democracy. Companies harvest data to predict and manipulate individuals, influencing opinions and behaviors through targeted campaigns.
Table of Contents1.The Hidden Dangers of Data Privacy2.The Impact of Data Privacy and Manipulation in the Digital Age
The Hidden Dangers of Data Privacy
Concepts covered:Data Privacy, Online Activities, Digital Trail, Data Collection, Privacy Concerns
Our online activities leave a digital trail revealing personal details, making us vulnerable to exploitation. The chapter highlights the significant impact of data collection on privacy and democracy, emphasizing the need for individuals to be vigilant.
Question 1
How does mass data collection threaten democracy?
Question 2
Why do companies collect vast amounts of user data?
Question 3
What does your online activity footprint reveal?
Question 4
How do social media platforms use your login data?
The Impact of Data Privacy and Manipulation in the Digital Age
Concepts covered:Data Privacy, Manipulation, Digital Age, Targeted Marketing, Political Influence
In the digital age, app developers leverage user data to predict behavior, manipulate opinions, and influence purchasing decisions through targeted marketing strategies. This manipulation extends beyond consumerism to shaping political views, polarizing societies, and undermining democratic processes.
Question 5
Why do companies harvest consumer data?
Question 6
How does data manipulation influence consumer behavior?
Question 7
How can voting influence data privacy laws?
Question 8
What is the dual use of online marketing tools?

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