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Concepts covered:Network Technologies, Grade 11, LAN, Intranet, Security Measures
Grade 11 students are introduced to networks and network technologies, covering cabled and wireless networks, LANs, intranets, and security measures. The purpose of a network is to share data and resources, provide a safe working environment, and facilitate communication.
Table of Contents1.Understanding Network Components and Differences Between LAN and Wireless LAN2.Corporate Intranet Communication Networks3.Network Security Essentials
Understanding Network Components and Differences Between LAN and Wireless LAN
Concepts covered:Network Components, LAN, Wireless LAN, Data Sharing, Resource Sharing
A network facilitates data and resource sharing, connecting computing devices in a secure environment. Key components include workstations, communication medium, network interface cards, and network devices, with distinctions between LAN and wireless LAN in terms of installation ease, security, reliability, speed, and cost.
Question 1
What are basic components of a network?
Question 2
Which network type requires physical connection points?
Question 3
Why are LAN connections considered more reliable?
Corporate Intranet Communication Networks
Concepts covered:Corporate Intranet, Communication Networks, Private Network, Information Sharing, Employee Collaboration
Corporate intranets are private networks within companies that facilitate communication and information sharing among employees. They provide a platform for discussions, internal emails, and collaboration on projects, accessible only to employees within the organization.
Question 4
Which medium allows global, not just internal, connectivity?
Question 5
How does an intranet differ from the internet?
Question 6
Can employees access the intranet from outside the company?
Network Security Essentials
Concepts covered:Network Security, Access Control, Usernames, Passwords, Firewalls
Exploring the importance of security in networks, focusing on access control measures like usernames, passwords, and firewalls to prevent unauthorized access and protect sensitive information.
Question 7
What makes networks particularly susceptible to threats?
Question 8
How do usernames and passwords function in network security?
Question 9
What is the primary purpose of using firewalls?

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