Quiz LibraryResponsible Use of Technology for Kids - First Mobile - Cyberbullying - Fake News - Online Privacy
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JkkTN0pQ_Ugvideo
Concepts covered:Responsible use of technology, Online etiquette, Privacy protection, Cyberbullying prevention, Identifying fake news
The video emphasizes responsible use of technology for kids, highlighting the importance of online etiquette, privacy, and identifying fake news. It educates children on cyberbullying prevention and encourages them to be mindful of their online behavior.
Table of Contents1.Online Safety and Communication Etiquette2.Online Privacy and Social Media Etiquette3.Spotting Fake News Online
Online Safety and Communication Etiquette
Concepts covered:Online safety, Personal information, Communication etiquette, Empathy, Digital distractions
Be cautious about sharing personal information and photos online, seek adult guidance when in doubt. Set time limits on phone usage and prioritize quality time with loved ones. Practice empathy and respect in online interactions, and prioritize genuine communication over digital distractions.
Question 1
What to do if unsure about online content?
Question 2
Why should you be careful sharing online?
Question 3
How can words affect others online?
Online Privacy and Social Media Etiquette
Concepts covered:Online privacy, Social media etiquette, Cyberbullying prevention, Respecting privacy online, Personal information protection
Understanding the importance of respecting privacy online, the chapter emphasizes the need to be cautious about sharing personal information and highlights the significance of standing up against cyberbullying.
Question 4
What can you do if bullied online?
Question 5
What happens if you share secrets online?
Question 6
Why is it bad to post without consent?
Spotting Fake News Online
Concepts covered:Fake News, Online Safety, Privacy Settings, Information Verification, Social Media Etiquette
Be cautious when sharing personal information online, as it can be easily misused. Learn to differentiate between real and fake news to avoid spreading misinformation.
Question 7
What to do if unsure about sharing online?
Question 8
What should you avoid sharing online?
Question 9
Why should you double-check news before sharing?

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