Quiz LibraryHow Common Core Broke U.S. Schools
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Concepts covered:Common Core, US education system, math standards, student performance, state adoption
Common Core, introduced in 2009 to enhance US education, faced criticism for its confusing math standards and lack of significant impact on student performance. Despite initial support, over 20 states have either revised or withdrawn from Common Core, signaling its decline in favor.
Table of Contents1.Common Core Initiative in American Education2.Development and Implementation of Common Core Standards3.Impact of Common Core on Student Performance4.The Decline and Evolution of Common Core Standards
Common Core Initiative in American Education
Concepts covered:Common Core initiative, educational standards, national leaders support, math education challenges, uniform curriculum
The Common Core initiative aimed to elevate educational standards in the US by implementing a uniform curriculum across 41 states and territories, supported by national leaders like Bill Gates and President Obama. Despite early enthusiasm, the initiative faced criticism and confusion, particularly in math education.
Question 1
Why did Common Core face ridicule after its launch?
Question 2
How does Common Core enable comparison between states?
Question 3
How much did implementing Common Core approximately cost?
Development and Implementation of Common Core Standards
Concepts covered:Common Core Standards, Nonprofit Groups, Federal Government, Obama Administration, Education Reform
Nonprofit groups like The Council of Chief State School Officers and the National Governors Association, along with Achieve and teachers unions, collaborated to develop Common Core standards. The federal government, led by the Obama administration, promoted the standards through initiatives like Race to the Top fund.
Question 4
Why were states eager to adopt Common Core during recession?
Question 5
Why did Common Core face ridicule from parents?
Question 6
What was the purpose of the memorandum in Common Core development?
Impact of Common Core on Student Performance
Concepts covered:Common Core, student performance, teacher control, academic achievement, poverty
Federally funded research conducted a decade later revealed that Common Core had minimal impact on student achievement in the United States, with studies showing mixed effects. The failure to improve student performance is attributed to the standards limiting teacher control and not considering the financial challenges faced by many students.
Question 7
What was the overall impact of Common Core?
Question 8
Why did Common Core struggle with diverse student learning paths?
Question 9
How did Common Core affect teachers' control over curriculum?
The Decline and Evolution of Common Core Standards
Concepts covered:Common Core standards, educational evolution, state standards, politicalization, future of education
The Common Core standards have faced significant backlash with over 20 states repealing, revising, or withdrawing from the initiative. Despite criticisms, some states have developed new standards as replacements, indicating a shift away from the original Common Core framework.
Question 10
How have states subtly maintained Common Core standards?
Question 11
What primarily doomed Common Core from the start?
Question 12
Why did Betsy DeVos criticize Common Core?

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