Quiz LibraryThe Middle Path: Rejecting Extremism in Islam
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Concepts covered:Middle Path, Extremism, Moderation, Quranic Verses, Hadiths
The Middle Path in Islam rejects extremism and emphasizes moderation and balance, as highlighted in various Quranic verses and Hadiths. Extremism, whether religious or non-religious, poses dangers to individuals and societies, leading to division and conflict.
Table of Contents1.Islam's Rejection of Extremism2.The Dangers of Extremism in Religion
Islam's Rejection of Extremism
Concepts covered:Islam, extremism, moderation, rejection, terminology
The chapter discusses the concept of extremism in Islam, emphasizing the rejection of extremism and the importance of moderation. It explores linguistic and terminological definitions of extremism, highlighting how it deviates from the true path.
Question 1
What does Islam fundamentally reject according to the text?
Question 2
What is the characteristic feature of the Muslim community?
Question 3
What should be the stance towards secular extremism?
Question 4
How does Islam view the distortion of religious teachings?
The Dangers of Extremism in Religion
Concepts covered:Extremism, Religion, Prophet Muhammad, Dangers, Isolation
The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, warned against extremism, stating that it leads to the destruction of both religion and the world. Extremism manifests in various forms such as bias towards one's own opinion, suspicion of others, and isolation from society.
Question 5
What Islamic principle counters extremism?
Question 6
What does Islam say about using violence in disagreements?
Question 7
How should Muslims handle disagreements according to the teachings?
Question 8
What is encouraged to maintain unity in the Muslim community?

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