Quiz LibraryFundamental Rights - Lecture 9 | Part 1 | Indian Polity | DD Basu Series | UPSC
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Concepts covered:fundamental rights, Indian Polity, individual rights, executive power, judiciary
The video discusses fundamental rights in the context of Indian Polity, emphasizing the importance of individual rights and the limitations on executive power. It explores the concept of fundamental rights in comparison to executive actions and the role of the judiciary in protecting these rights.
Table of Contents1.Individual Rights and Fundamental Rights2.Interpretation of Natural Rights and Constitutional Amendments3.Interpretation of Fundamental Rights Doctrine in Indian Constitution4.Judicial Review and Constitutional Rights5.Understanding Article 21: Right to Education
Individual Rights and Fundamental Rights
Concepts covered:Individual Rights, Fundamental Rights, Society, Constitution, Progress
The chapter discusses the concept of individual rights and fundamental rights, highlighting the importance of rights in society and the differences between the two terms. It explores how individual rights are essential for societal progress and how fundamental rights are enshrined in constitutions.
Question 1
What does 'individual rights' imply in modern times?
Question 2
Can fundamental rights be revoked under any condition?
Question 3
Why does Britain not have a concept of fundamental rights?
Interpretation of Natural Rights and Constitutional Amendments
Concepts covered:Natural Rights, Constitutional Amendments, Individual Rights, Fundamental Rights, Agrarian Reforms
The chapter delves into the concept of natural rights and the interpretation of constitutional amendments, emphasizing the importance of individual rights in a free society. It discusses the impact of fundamental rights, property rights, and agrarian reforms on societal equality and legal frameworks.
Question 4
Why was the right to property removed as a fundamental right?
Question 5
How is speech an outcome of one's liberty?
Question 6
Can unenumerated rights be displaced by constitutional rights?
Interpretation of Fundamental Rights Doctrine in Indian Constitution
Concepts covered:Fundamental Rights Doctrine, Indian Constitution, Basic Structure Doctrine, Judicial Creativity, Constitutional Principles
The chapter discusses the controversy surrounding the interpretation of the Fundamental Rights Doctrine in the Indian Constitution, particularly in the context of the Basic Structure Doctrine and the limitations imposed by the judiciary and parliament. It highlights the potential implications of judicial creativity and the evolving nature of constitutional principles.
Question 7
How does Judicial Review protect fundamental rights?
Question 8
What is the core idea of the Basic Structure Doctrine?
Question 9
What restricts Parliament's power to amend the constitution?
Judicial Review and Constitutional Rights
Concepts covered:Judicial Review, Constitutional Rights, Supreme Court, Fundamental Rights, Property Rights
The chapter discusses the concept of judicial review and constitutional rights, emphasizing the power of the Supreme Court to review its decisions. It highlights the evolution of fundamental rights and the impact of constitutional amendments on property rights.
Question 10
Is Right to Property still a fundamental right?
Question 11
How did Basic Structure Doctrine alter Indian polity?
Question 12
What does the 44th Constitutional Amendment involve?
Understanding Article 21: Right to Education
Concepts covered:Article 21, State responsibility, Free and compulsory education, Fundamental rights, Citizens' rights
Article 21 emphasizes the responsibility of the state to provide free and compulsory education, focusing on the executive's role in ensuring compliance with the law. It delves into the significance of fundamental rights and the categorization of rights available to citizens.
Question 13
Which rights are exclusively for citizens?
Question 14
What does judiciary check regarding the executive?
Question 15
How did judicial perspective shift from Gopalan to Menaka?

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