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Concepts covered:Joseph, beloved son, slavery, jealous brothers, forgiveness
Joseph, a beloved son, is sold into slavery by his jealous brothers but rises to power in Egypt, ultimately forgiving and saving his family during a famine. His story highlights God's plan for good despite betrayal and hardship.
Table of Contents1.Betrayal and Humiliation: The Unfolding Drama2.Dream Interpretation for Pharaoh's Cupbearer and Baker3.Interpreting Pharaoh's Dreams4.Joseph's Brothers in Egypt5.Joseph's Reunion and God's Deliverance
Betrayal and Humiliation: The Unfolding Drama
Concepts covered:betrayal, humiliation, drama, confrontation, deceit
A tale of betrayal and humiliation unfolds as a mistress confronts a slave accused of a heinous act, leading to a dramatic confrontation with her husband. The narrative delves into themes of deceit, power dynamics, and the consequences of betrayal.
Question 1
Why did the garment implicate Joseph?
Question 2
What consequence did Joseph face due to the accusation?
Question 3
What led to Joseph being labeled as a betrayer?
Dream Interpretation for Pharaoh's Cupbearer and Baker
Concepts covered:Pharaoh's cupbearer, Pharaoh's baker, dream interpretation, vivid dreams, symbolism
Pharaoh's cupbearer and baker are brought before Joseph for dream interpretation. The cupbearer dreams of vines, branches, and grapes, symbolizing his role in serving Pharaoh.
Question 4
Why were the cupbearer and baker imprisoned?
Question 5
What did the cupbearer dream about?
Question 6
How did the dreams affect the cupbearer and baker?
Interpreting Pharaoh's Dreams
Concepts covered:Pharaoh's dreams, Joseph's interpretation, Seven years of abundance, Seven years of famine, Preparation for scarcity
Joseph interprets Pharaoh's dreams of seven fat cows being devoured by seven lean cows and seven healthy heads of grain being consumed by seven withered ones as symbols of seven years of abundance followed by seven years of famine. Joseph advises Pharaoh to appoint a discerning man to oversee the collection and storage of food during the years of plenty to prepare for the impending scarcity.
Question 7
Why was Joseph chosen to oversee Egypt?
Question 8
What was Pharaoh advised to do during years of abundance?
Question 9
Why were Pharaoh's dreams given in two different forms?
Joseph's Brothers in Egypt
Concepts covered:Joseph, brothers, Egypt, famine, imprisonment
The chapter depicts Joseph's brothers arriving in Egypt to buy grain during a famine. They are accused of being spies, leading to Simeon being imprisoned and a demand for Benjamin's presence to prove their honesty.
Question 10
What proves the brothers' honesty in the story?
Question 11
Why did the brothers feel they were being punished?
Question 12
What action did the lord of the land take against spies?
Joseph's Reunion and God's Deliverance
Concepts covered:Joseph's reunion, forgiveness, God's providence, family salvation, Moses' leadership
Joseph reveals his identity to his brothers, forgives them for selling him into slavery, and orchestrates a plan to save his family from famine. Through God's providence, Joseph's family settles in Egypt, grows in number, and eventually Moses leads them out of slavery.
Question 13
Why did they offer to be slaves for life?
Question 14
Who did they think put the treasure in their sacks?
Question 15
Why did the speaker feel lifelong responsibility?

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