Quiz LibraryM2 MacBook Air Review: More Than a Refresh!
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Concepts covered:M2 MacBook Air, Apple Silicon transition, thin and light design, improved display, pricing and storage limitations
The M2 MacBook Air review highlights the transition to Apple Silicon, showcasing a redesigned thin and light form factor with improved display, MagSafe, and battery life. Despite impressive performance for everyday tasks, the pricing and storage limitations make it more suitable for those considering a $1500 laptop.
Table of Contents1.Apple Silicon Transition: Redesigning the MacBook Air with M2 Chip2.Performance Comparison: M2 MacBook Pro vs. M2 MacBook Air
Apple Silicon Transition: Redesigning the MacBook Air with M2 Chip
Concepts covered:Apple Silicon Transition, MacBook Air Redesign, M2 Chip, MagSafe Charger, Battery Life
Apple has revamped the MacBook Air by replacing the Intel chip with the M1 chip and now introducing the M2 chip, showcasing the potential of Apple's own silicon design. The redesign includes a flat shape, thinner bezels, notch display, improved webcam, MagSafe charger, and impressive battery life.
Question 1
What did Apple replace the Intel chip with?
Question 2
How does the new MacBook Air achieve ultra-portability?
Question 3
What is the new color introduced for the MacBook Air?
Question 4
What is the overall thickness of the new MacBook Air?
Performance Comparison: M2 MacBook Pro vs. M2 MacBook Air
Concepts covered:M2 chip, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, performance comparison, sustained workloads
The chapter discusses the performance difference between the M2 chip in the MacBook Pro and the fanless MacBook Air. While both perform similarly in short tasks, the MacBook Air struggles with sustained workloads due to overheating without a fan.
Question 5
Why is the MacBook Air considered pricey?
Question 6
How much more is the M2 Air than the M1 Air?
Question 7
Who is the MacBook Air ideal for?
Question 8
When does the MacBook Air throttle performance?

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