Quiz LibraryAP World History UNIT 4 REVIEW [Everything You NEED to Know!]
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Concepts covered:AP World History, Maritime Empires, European expansion, Mercantilism, Chattel slavery
The video provides a comprehensive review of AP World History Unit 4, focusing on Maritime Empires from 1450 to 1750. It covers the causes of European expansion, innovations in Maritime technology, growth of state power, economic systems like mercantilism and joint stock companies, major players like Portugal, Spain, France, England, and the Dutch, the Colombian Exchange, labor systems including chattel slavery and indentured servitude, impact on social hierarchies, and resistance to European imperialism.
Table of Contents1.European Maritime Expansion: 1450-17502.Causes of European Imperial Expansion3.Forms of Resistance Against Imperialism4.African States' Prosperity in Maritime Trading Networks5.Changes in Labor Systems in the Americas
European Maritime Expansion: 1450-1750
Concepts covered:European expansion, Maritime technology, Portuguese Caravel, Indian Ocean trade, Regional wind patterns
The chapter discusses the causes of European expansion during the period of 1450 to 1750, focusing on technological, political, and economic factors. It highlights how European adoption and innovation of maritime technology played a crucial role in their ascendency on the world stage.
Question 1
What initiated European maritime expansion?
Question 2
How did Europeans enhance their maritime capabilities?
Question 3
Why was the Portuguese Caravel significant?
Causes of European Imperial Expansion
Concepts covered:European Imperial expansion, state power, mercantilism, joint stock companies, inter-regional trade
European Imperial expansion was driven by the growth of state power, mercantilism, and joint stock companies. Monarchs centralized power, focused on inter-regional trade, and used mercantilist economics to accumulate wealth through overseas colonization.
Question 4
How did European rivalries manifest in their colonial activities?
Question 5
How did mercantilism affect European colonial policies?
Question 6
Why did joint stock companies become crucial for imperial expansion?
Forms of Resistance Against Imperialism
Concepts covered:imperialism, Asian States, local rebellions, enslaved Africans, maroon societies
Various forms of resistance against imperialism are highlighted, including Asian States' resistance to Western intrusion in the Indian Ocean, local rebellions in European States like the frond in France, and the defiance of enslaved Africans in the Caribbean and Brazil.
Question 7
What motivated European imperialism besides economics?
Question 8
How did Maroon societies challenge European colonial power?
Question 9
What triggered the Frond rebellion in France?
African States' Prosperity in Maritime Trading Networks
Concepts covered:Maritime trading networks, African States, Assante Empire, kingdom of the Congo, European dominance
The expansion of Maritime trading networks not only benefited Europeans but also led to the growth and prosperity of African States like the Assante Empire and the kingdom of the Congo. These states engaged in economic partnerships with European traders, accumulating wealth that empowered military expansion and political consolidation.
Question 10
How did African states benefit from maritime networks?
Question 11
How did European entry affect the Indian Ocean trade?
Question 12
What commodities did the Asante Empire supply to Europeans?
Changes in Labor Systems in the Americas
Concepts covered:Labor Systems, Americas, Chattel Slavery, Indentured Servitude, Christianity
The chapter discusses the changes and continuities in labor systems in the Americas, focusing on the transition from existing labor systems to new ones. It highlights the impact of chattel slavery, indentured servitude, the encomienda system, and haciendas, as well as the influence of Christianity on social hierarchies.
Question 13
How did European labor systems alter American demographics?
Question 14
What was the main focus of the Encomienda system?
Question 15
What was a major effect of new labor systems on social structures?

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