Quiz LibrarySpeaking Cartoon | 45 minutes Kids Dialogues | Easy conversation | Learn English for Kids
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdlLsxR5AE0video
Concepts covered:Kids dialogues, Learn English, Conversations, School activities, Everyday interactions
The video features various dialogues and conversations between kids, covering topics like school, food, activities, and everyday interactions, all aimed at helping kids learn English through engaging scenarios.
Table of Contents1.Colorful Conversations2.Family Routine3.Adventures at the Zoo4.Morning Conversations and Gestures5.Summer Vacation Conversations
Colorful Conversations
Concepts covered:colors, dialogue, decisions, size, amazement
A dialogue unfolds between individuals discussing colors like red and green, making decisions based on color cues, and expressing amazement at the size of an object.
Question 1
What does the color red signify in the context?
Question 2
What should you do when the light turns green?
Question 3
Why might an umbrella be green and white?
Family Routine
Concepts covered:family routine, daily activities, breakfast, school, bedtime
A day in the life of a family revolves around daily activities such as waking up, having breakfast, going to school, and bedtime routines.
Question 4
What activity follows 'It's eight o'clock' in the morning?
Question 5
What leads to 'It's time for bed'?
Question 6
What does 'It's seven o'clock' indicate about the day?
Adventures at the Zoo
Concepts covered:zoo, bears, tigers, lion, animals
Exploring the zoo with various animals including bears, tigers, and a lion.
Question 7
How many types of animals were mentioned?
Question 8
What indicates a bear is a baby?
Question 9
Why might someone confuse a lion for a tiger?
Morning Conversations and Gestures
Concepts covered:friendship, morning routine, bike ownership, visiting sick friend, sharing food
A dialogue between friends discussing waking up early, a new bike, making plans to visit a sick friend, and sharing an apple pie, showcasing friendly interactions and gestures of kindness.
Question 10
What time does school start in the conversation?
Question 11
What does Kate thank for in the conversation?
Question 12
Why might they visit Kate in the conversation?
Summer Vacation Conversations
Concepts covered:Summer vacation, Jeju-do, Horse riding, Taekwondo lessons, White belt
A dialogue about summer vacations, including a trip to Jeju-do with activities like horse riding and walking along Deju Ole, and taking Taekwondo lessons to achieve a white belt and aim for a blue belt.
Question 13
What activity is associated with Jeju-do?
Question 14
Why might someone enjoy visiting Jeju-do?
Question 15
What is the initial belt color in Taekwondo?

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