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Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eANjGomWZp4video
Concepts covered:Game development process, Asset creation, Scripting in Unity and Unreal, Pre-made assets, Cohesive game design
Video explains the process of game development, emphasizing asset creation and scripting in engines like Unity and Unreal. It highlights the importance of utilizing pre-made assets to save time and create cohesive game designs.
Table of Contents1.Game Object Components and Hierarchy2.Managing Cameras and Scripts in Unity and Unreal3.Effective Communication with Teenage Kids in Game Development4.Understanding Scripting and Variables in Game Development5.Game Development: Leveraging Pre-made Assets for Efficient Production
Game Object Components and Hierarchy
Concepts covered:Game Objects, Components, Unity, Parenting, Hierarchy
Exploration of game object components like colliders, rigid bodies, audio sources, and custom scripts within Unity. Discusses the concept of parenting game objects to impact their children's scale, rotation, and position.
Question 1
How can you add custom behavior to a game object?
Question 2
What does a rigid body component do?
Question 3
How does a parent object affect its children?
Managing Cameras and Scripts in Unity and Unreal
Concepts covered:Cameras, Unity, Unreal Engine, Cinemachine tool, Scripts
Exploring the role of cameras in Unity and Unreal Engine, understanding how to manipulate camera perspectives for different game styles, utilizing cameras as game objects with the Cinemachine tool for seamless player tracking, and implementing scripts to control game objects' behaviors.
Question 4
How do you make game objects perform actions?
Question 5
What tool helps the camera follow the player?
Question 6
Why might you stack multiple cameras in Unity?
Effective Communication with Teenage Kids in Game Development
Concepts covered:Teenage kids, Visual scripting, Game development, Start function, Update function
Teenage kids in game development often utilize visual scripting in platforms like C sharp and C plus plus to write code more easily. Understanding how to write code is crucial, as it allows you to control game objects effectively through functions like start and update.
Question 7
What is the purpose of visual scripting?
Question 8
How would you move an object right continuously?
Question 9
When should you use the start function?
Understanding Scripting and Variables in Game Development
Concepts covered:Scripting, Variables, Game Development, Functions, Data Types
Scripting in games is the fundamental approach from which all other functionalities stem, involving one-off functions triggered by game events or player input, alongside an update function for continuous player movement. Variables are essential components that define attributes in games, representing various data types like Boolean, string, integer, and float.
Question 10
Which function is used for continuous player movement?
Question 11
What is the value of the 'dead' variable?
Question 12
What type of variable is eye color?
Game Development: Leveraging Pre-made Assets for Efficient Production
Concepts covered:Game development, Pre-made assets, Unity Asset Store, Efficiency, Quality enhancement
Game development involves utilizing functions like start and one-off functions such as shoot to control player actions and interactions. The key to efficient game development lies in leveraging pre-made assets from platforms like Unity Asset Store, TurboSquid, and Epidemic Sound to save time and enhance game quality.
Question 13
What should developers do with pre-made assets?
Question 14
Why should games not be made from scratch?
Question 15
What distinguishes great developers from bad ones?

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