Quiz LibraryKey Stage 3 Science (Biology) - Food Chains, Food Webs and Biodiversity
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Concepts covered:Food chains, Food webs, Biodiversity, Ecosystem stability, Species survival
Food chains and food webs are discussed in the context of Key Stage 3 Biology, highlighting the importance of biodiversity for ecosystem stability and species survival. The video explains how interconnected food chains and webs provide multiple food sources, reducing dependency on a single species and promoting a healthier ecosystem.
Table of Contents1.Understanding Food Chains and Food Webs in Biology2.Importance of Biodiversity in Ecosystems
Understanding Food Chains and Food Webs in Biology
Concepts covered:food chains, food webs, producers, biodiversity, ecosystem stability
Exploring the concept of food chains and food webs in biology, starting with the role of plants as producers in a food chain. Delving into the interconnected relationships between plants, herbivores, and predators, highlighting the importance of biodiversity for ecosystem stability.
Question 1
What makes a food web more stable than a food chain?
Question 2
How does diversity in diet contribute to ecosystem stability?
Question 3
What initiates a food chain?
Question 4
How does biomass transfer from rabbit to fox?
Importance of Biodiversity in Ecosystems
Concepts covered:food web, species loss, biodiversity, ecosystem stability, human survival
The chapter discusses the intricate relationships within a food web, emphasizing the impact of losing a species on the entire ecosystem. It highlights the crucial role of biodiversity in maintaining ecosystem stability and its significance for human survival.
Question 5
What defines a food web in an ecosystem?
Question 6
Identify a longer food chain mentioned in the ecosystem.
Question 7
Why does higher biodiversity enhance ecosystem stability?

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