Quiz LibraryKathmandu - The Side of Nepal They Don't Show You
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A8vzASBnvRcvideo
Concepts covered:Kathmandu, Nepal, traditions, sights, culture
Kathmandu, the historic capital of Nepal, offers a different side of the country with its shocking traditions, beautiful sights, and interesting discoveries. From exploring the city from above to encountering a living goddess and witnessing Hindu cremation rituals, Kathmandu showcases a unique blend of culture and spirituality.
Table of Contents1.Exploring Kathmandu: Nepal's Mysterious Capital2.Exploring the Rich Culture of Kathmandu
Exploring Kathmandu: Nepal's Mysterious Capital
Concepts covered:Nepal, Kathmandu, Himalayas, exploration, culture
Discover the hidden side of Nepal beyond its highest mountain through a journey to Kathmandu, the historic capital with over 2,000 years of history. Join a unique adventure to explore the city from above, gaining a new perspective on its layout and surroundings.
Question 1
What does the narrator imply about Kathmandu's culture?
Question 2
How old is Kathmandu?
Question 3
Why did the narrator visit the airport?
Question 4
What geographical feature surrounds Kathmandu?
Exploring the Rich Culture of Kathmandu
Concepts covered:Kathmandu, painting class, Kumari Palace, Hindu cremation rituals, religious diversity
Discovering the intricate art of painting, the living goddess Kumari, and the unique Hindu cremation rituals in Kathmandu, Nepal, showcasing a blend of diverse religions and cultures thriving harmoniously.
Question 5
Why is Kathmandu unique in terms of religion?
Question 6
Why are there many wires in Kathmandu?
Question 7
What is a Kumari in Nepali Hindu religion?
Question 8
What feeling does the temple visit evoke?

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