Quiz LibrarySafe Internet Usage for Kids: Email, Chatting, Social Net, Downloading
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WJbWA5u8cAYvideo
Concepts covered:Safe internet usage, Email safety, Chatting precautions, Social networking security, Downloading tips
The video educates kids on safe internet usage, covering topics like email, chatting, social networking, and downloading. It emphasizes the importance of protecting personal information, avoiding harmful content, and using strong passwords.
Table of Contents1.Understanding Safe Internet Usage2.Email Security Awareness3.Online Chatting Safety Measures4.Protecting Your Social Networking Profile5.Internet Safety and Usage Guidelines
Understanding Safe Internet Usage
Concepts covered:Internet, Safe usage, Global connectivity, Information, Entertainment
This chapter introduces the concept of the internet and safe usage practices through the experiences of John, Katie, and Tony, highlighting its role in connecting people globally and providing information and entertainment.
Question 1
Why is it important to be safe on the internet?
Question 2
How does Katie use the internet for social interaction?
Question 3
Where might you access the internet?
Email Security Awareness
Concepts covered:Email security, Personal information protection, Virus threats, Spam emails, Password protection
The chapter discusses the importance of email security, highlighting the risks of sharing personal information online and the potential threats such as viruses and spam emails. It emphasizes the need for strong passwords, caution when opening email attachments, and being wary of unknown email sources.
Question 4
Why should you be cautious with your email?
Question 5
What risk does opening unknown email attachments pose?
Question 6
Why shouldn't Tony download the email attachment?
Online Chatting Safety Measures
Concepts covered:Online chatting, Safety measures, Personal information, Harmful attachments, Online threats
Learn about the potential dangers of chatting online, such as sharing personal information and receiving harmful attachments, and the importance of taking safety precautions to protect yourself from online threats.
Question 7
What happens if you share your email in chats?
Question 8
Why is chatting with strangers risky?
Question 9
What can strangers learn from your chat details?
Protecting Your Social Networking Profile
Concepts covered:social networking, profile protection, privacy settings, online safety, content sharing
Learn how to safeguard your social networking profile by restricting access, controlling information visibility, and taking precautions against potential risks like unauthorized sharing of content.
Question 10
What is shared on social networking sites?
Question 11
Why restrict who views your photos?
Question 12
What to do if someone posts offensive content?
Internet Safety and Usage Guidelines
Concepts covered:Internet safety, Uploading, Downloading, Virus check, Online privacy
Be cautious while uploading and downloading files and software from the internet to avoid computer crashes. Always verify the source of your downloads, run virus checks, and use genuine software to prevent security threats.
Question 13
What should Tony do with disturbing content?
Question 14
Why should you check download sources?
Question 15
How can unauthorized downloads affect you?

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