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Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYQS9Jzbtr8video
Concepts covered:Bear Grylls, Ursula Burns, resilience, determination, core competencies
The video features Bear Grylls and Ursula Burns sharing their inspiring stories of overcoming challenges and achieving success through resilience, determination, and leveraging their core competencies. Both individuals emphasize the importance of having a dream, being courageous, embracing failure, and leaving a positive legacy.
Table of Contents1.Embracing Dreams, Overcoming Fears2.Striving for Success to Support Family
Embracing Dreams, Overcoming Fears
Concepts covered:dreams, naysayers, failure, courage, kindness
The chapter emphasizes the importance of having a dream, ignoring naysayers, and embracing failure as a stepping stone towards success. It highlights the significance of courage, kindness, and facing fears head-on to achieve meaningful goals.
Question 1
Why are courage and kindness essential in ambition?
Question 2
How should one approach failure to achieve goals?
Question 3
Why is it important to ignore 'Dream Steelers'?
Question 4
What is the best way to overcome fears?
Striving for Success to Support Family
Concepts covered:Challenging environment, Mother's sacrifices, Pursuit of chemical engineering, Family support, Career motivation
Growing up in a challenging environment surrounded by danger, the narrator's mother worked tirelessly to provide a normal life. Motivated by his mother's struggles, the narrator pursued a career in chemical engineering to uplift his family from poverty.
Question 5
Why was Xerox a perfect match?
Question 6
Why was staying close to home beneficial?
Question 7
Why did she choose chemical engineering?

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