Quiz LibraryHow to Imagine a Better Future for Democracy | adrienne maree brown and Baratunde Thurston | TED
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Mi0miIN6tAvideo
Concepts covered:Citizening as a verb, Collective action, Power dynamics, Fractal of belonging, Care and repair
The video discusses reimagining democracy through the concept of citizening as a verb, emphasizing the need for collective action, understanding power dynamics, investing in relationships, and being a fractal of belonging to a larger community. It explores the urgency of change, the gap between people's desires and government actions, and the importance of care, repair, and facilitation in creating a more just and inclusive society.
Table of Contents1.Exploring the Concept of Citizenship and Change2.Challenges of Government Representation and Global Community Building3.Embracing Change: Funeral and Baby Shower for Democracy
Exploring the Concept of Citizenship and Change
Concepts covered:citizen as a verb, fractal of belonging, understanding power, committing to collective self, adapting to change
Baratunde Thurston and adrienne maree brown discuss the concept of citizen as a verb, emphasizing the importance of showing up, understanding power, committing to the collective self, and investing in relationships. They delve into the idea of being a fractal of belonging and change, highlighting the need to adapt and be a part of a larger whole amidst constant change.
Question 1
What does 'to citizen' primarily involve?
Question 2
What does committing to the collective self mean?
Question 3
What relationships should one invest in?
Question 4
What does being a fractal signify?
Challenges of Government Representation and Global Community Building
Concepts covered:Government Representation, Global Community, Climate Change, Social Injustice, Social Media
The chapter discusses the disconnect between people's desires and government actions in democratic societies, emphasizing the urgent need for change amidst global crises like climate change and social injustices. It explores the potential of social media for organizing and fostering global connections to address shared challenges.
Question 5
How can we strengthen citizening muscles?
Question 6
What do citizens desire in their experience?
Question 7
How can imagination contribute to societal change?
Embracing Change: Funeral and Baby Shower for Democracy
Concepts covered:Democracy, New Practices, Citizens Assemblies, Ceremony, Change
The chapter discusses the concept of holding two truths simultaneously - acknowledging the decline of traditional democracy while celebrating the emergence of new democratic practices like citizens assemblies and direct democracies. It emphasizes the need for ceremonies to mourn the old and welcome the new, likening it to having both a funeral and a baby shower at the same time.
Question 8
What is an example of a new democratic practice?
Question 9
What role do individuals play in societal change?
Question 10
Why is the current democracy considered unfit?

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