Quiz LibraryWhy One Man Is Walking Around the World With His Dog
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cgp9-EYFeb4video
Concepts covered:Tom, Savannah, adventure, kindness of strangers, universal human desires
Tom is walking around the world with his dog Savannah, covering 18,000 miles in 35 countries over 5 years, seeking adventure and immersive human experiences. Despite facing challenges like Savannah's health issues, they find kindness in strangers and the universal desire for family and connection.
Table of Contents1.Tom's Inspiring Journey with Savannah2.Journey of Discovery with Savannah
Tom's Inspiring Journey with Savannah
Concepts covered:Tom, Savannah, adventure, friendship, travel
Tom and his dog Savannah have walked 18,000 miles across 35 countries in the past five years, driven by a desire for adventure and a realization of life's fleeting nature after the sudden death of a close friend. Tom's journey began on his 26th birthday when he left his New Jersey home with just a sleeping bag, extra shoes, and essential items, seeking to travel off the beaten track.
Question 1
Why did Tom decide to travel?
Question 2
How did Emery's death influence Tom's life choices?
Question 3
What did Tom pack for his journey?
Journey of Discovery with Savannah
Concepts covered:Tom, Savannah, journey, kindness of strangers, universal desires
Tom embarks on a transformative journey with his dog Savannah, crossing borders, facing challenges, and experiencing the kindness of strangers. Through their adventures, Tom learns about the world, himself, and the universal desire for family and connection.
Question 4
How did Tom adapt to new countries during his journey?
Question 5
What did the restaurant owner do for Tom and Savannah?
Question 6
Why was Costa Rica challenging for Tom and Savannah?

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