Quiz LibraryPrepositions of PLACE 👉 IN / ON / AT / BY 👈 Common English Grammar Mistakes
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Concepts covered:Prepositions of place, in, on, at, by
Prepositions of place such as in, on, at, and by in English can be confusing as they provide information about the location of something, with nuances in usage and meaning. Learning prepositions in context with collocations and observing how native speakers use them can help avoid common mistakes in English grammar.
Table of Contents1.Understanding English Prepositions for Location2.Learning Prepositions in Context3.Spatial Relationships and Surfaces4.Spatial Prepositions Usage5.Understanding Prepositions of Place
Understanding English Prepositions for Location
Concepts covered:English prepositions, location descriptions, in, on, at usage, preposition meanings, learning English grammar
Learn how to correctly use prepositions like in, on, and at to describe locations in English sentences. Different prepositions can change the meaning of a sentence, so it's important to understand their usage.
Question 1
Choose the correct preposition: 'They live ___ ten Park Road.'
Question 2
Which preposition is correct: 'The museum is ___ the city'?
Question 3
What changes meaning: 'I am ___ the car'?
Learning Prepositions in Context
Concepts covered:prepositions, collocations, usage examples, contextual learning, boundaries
Understanding prepositions through collocations and real-life examples is crucial for accurate usage. This chapter focuses on the usage of 'in' with clear and less clear boundaries, emphasizing the importance of context in mastering prepositions.
Question 4
What is a collocation in language learning?
Question 5
Which preposition fits: 'She left it ___ the top drawer'?
Question 6
What does 'in' indicate in 'chili in that sauce'?
Spatial Relationships and Surfaces
Concepts covered:preposition, flat surfaces, position, objects, examples
Exploring the concept of 'on' as a preposition to describe the position of objects on flat surfaces like tables, walls, and bodies of water, including examples of usage in everyday scenarios.
Question 7
Where will we be in our boat?
Question 8
Where is the painting located?
Question 9
Which floor do we live on?
Spatial Prepositions Usage
Concepts covered:prepositions, specific places, spatial relationships, distinctions, dimensions
The chapter discusses the usage of prepositions like 'at' for specific places or points in space, public places, shops, addresses, and events. It explains the distinctions between 'at', 'on', and 'in' based on dimensions of space.
Question 10
How is 'at' used with addresses?
Question 11
Which preposition fits: 'Turn left ___ the traffic light'?
Question 12
How is 'at' used with events?
Understanding Prepositions of Place
Concepts covered:Prepositions, Place, Spatial Distinctions, Usage, Contexts
Exploring the nuances of prepositions of place, such as 'on,' 'in,' and 'by,' to clarify their usage in different contexts. The chapter delves into the spatial distinctions between 'on the south coast' and 'in the south of France,' providing insights on how to navigate these subtle differences effectively.
Question 13
Which preposition fits 'in the corner of the room'?
Question 14
Which preposition is used for 'on the bus'?
Question 15
What does 'by the car' indicate?

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