Quiz Library(1) ONE HOUR of Amazing Animal Moments | BBC Earth
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEaZvEZye84video
Concepts covered:lions, hyenas, mantids, kangaroos, octopuses
The video showcases various amazing animal moments, including lions facing off against hyenas, mantids displaying self-defense tactics, kangaroos engaging in battles for dominance, and octopuses adapting to walk on land. It also highlights the unique abilities of flying fish, the challenges faced by walruses against polar bears, and the tragic consequences of environmental changes on dinosaurs.
Table of Contents1.Perilous Encounter with Hyenas2.Survival Tactics of Young Mantids3.Crab Shell Exchange4.Skinny Hunter's Persistence in Arctic Survival5.The Brutal Battles of Kangaroo Society
Perilous Encounter with Hyenas
Concepts covered:young male lion, hyena clan, perilous encounter, male lions, territory boundaries
A young male lion named Red finds himself trapped by over 20 hyenas, unable to fight them all at once. Just when things seem dire, another male lion named Tattoo arrives, shifting the odds in Red's favor.
Question 1
What could happen if Red fights alone?
Question 2
What strategy did the hyenas use?
Question 3
Why did Red venture out alone?
Survival Tactics of Young Mantids
Concepts covered:Mantids, Predators, Survival, Deceptive Tactics, Predator-Prey Dynamics
Young mantids face the peril of predators as they venture out from safety, relying on chance and deceptive tactics for survival. Despite their exceptional eyesight and evolving limbs for hunting, their fate hangs in the balance against skilled predators like jumping spiders.
Question 4
Why does the mantis use kung fu?
Question 5
What helps the mantis survive its first hours?
Question 6
What partly determines a mantis's survival?
Crab Shell Exchange
Concepts covered:Crab Shell Exchange, Crab Growth, Shell Size Mismatch, Survival Instinct, Unique Exchange Process
When a crab outgrows its shell, a unique exchange process unfolds where crabs line up by size to swap shells, ensuring each finds a suitable new home. Despite challenges like size mismatches and holes, the crabs prioritize survival through this extraordinary shell exchange ritual.
Question 7
What happens if a crab is without a shell?
Question 8
Why do crabs line up in a queue?
Question 9
Why does the small crab wait at the end?
Skinny Hunter's Persistence in Arctic Survival
Concepts covered:Arctic survival, Skinny hunter, Seal hunting, Caloric sustenance, Summer challenges
A skinny hunter perseveres in the Arctic, succeeding in catching a seal underwater despite the odds. The seal's blubber provides a rich source of calories, sustaining the bear for a week, but the challenges intensify as summer progresses.
Question 10
How long can the bear survive on one seal?
Question 11
How often does the bear succeed in hunts?
Question 12
Why does the bear make a wide sweep?
The Brutal Battles of Kangaroo Society
Concepts covered:Kangaroo Society, Champion Fighter, Brutal Battles, Male Dominance, Training
In the world of kangaroos, males must undergo intense training to become champion fighters and gain access to females. The fights are brutal, with eye gouging and kicking below the belt allowed, making the stakes high.
Question 13
What is a key lesson for male kangaroos?
Question 14
Why do male kangaroos fight?
Question 15
What is allowed in kangaroo fights?

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