Quiz Library(2) How people are using artificial intelligence
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYBh15E72lMvideo
Concepts covered:Artificial intelligence, coding, computer games, generating stories, children's entertainment
Artificial intelligence is being used to assist people in various ways, such as coding computer games and generating stories for children at home, offering convenience and efficiency. However, AI still lacks the ability for specific insights and requires human intervention for tasks like fact-checking and providing personalized experiences.
How people are using artificial intelligence
Question 1
How does AI help with children's entertainment?
Question 2
What is a limitation of AI?
Question 3
How do busy parents use AI?
Question 4
What is a benefit of AI in coding?
Question 5
How can AI save time at home?
Question 6
Why is AI not good for specific insights?
Question 7
Why can't AI write news stories?
Question 8
What did Nicholas Carlson use AI for?

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