Quiz Library(1) Books & Authors, Awards & Obituaries For February 2024 | Monthly Current Affairs March 2024
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Concepts covered:Books & Authors, Awards, Obituaries, Current Affairs, Dr. C. Rangarajan
The video discusses the Books & Authors, Awards & Obituaries for February 2024, covering important topics like current affairs and static GK. It highlights notable figures like Dr. C. Rangarajan and their contributions, along with book launches and significant events.
Table of Contents1.Insights into March 2024 Books Publications Awards and Notable Personalities2.Political Intrigue and Family Dynamics in Sri Lanka3.Discussion on Bharat Ratna and Agriculturalists4.Political Leaders and Their Transformative Journeys5.Women Achievements and Awards
Insights into March 2024 Books Publications Awards and Notable Personalities
Concepts covered:March 2024, Books Publications Awards, India's macroeconomics, Israel War Diary, Vishal Pandey
Delve into the significant topic of March 2024 Books Publications Awards, covering current affairs, static GK, and intriguing facts. Learn about the India's contemporary macroeconomic theme and the launch of 'Israel War Diary' by Vishal Pandey.
Question 1
Who edited the book on contemporary macroeconomic themes?
Question 2
What role did Dr. C Rangarajan hold from 1992 to 1997?
Political Intrigue and Family Dynamics in Sri Lanka
Concepts covered:Sri Lanka, economic crisis, conspiracy, family politics, nepotism
The chapter delves into the economic crisis faced by Sri Lanka post-1948, attributing it to a mix of foreign and domestic powers conspiring against the government. It explores the family politics and nepotism prevalent in Indian politics, highlighting the launch of a translated book by Jayant Patil.
Question 3
Who was the Prime Minister and President in Sri Lanka?
Question 4
What script is the Magadhi language written in?
Discussion on Bharat Ratna and Agriculturalists
Concepts covered:Bharat Ratna, Chaudhary Charan Singh, Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, Green Revolution, Agriculturalists
The chapter delves into the significance of Bharat Ratna award and Article 18, highlighting notable figures like Chaudhary Charan Singh, PV Narasimha Rao, Kapuri Thakur, Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, and L.K. Advani. It also discusses the impact of Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, known as the Father of Green Revolution in India, on the country's food grain production.
Question 5
Which award did M.S. Swaminathan receive for science?
Question 6
What is the Bharat Ratna considered in India?
Political Leaders and Their Transformative Journeys
Concepts covered:Political Leaders, India, Chief Ministers, Prime Ministers, BJP
This chapter delves into the political journeys of prominent leaders from various states in India, highlighting their transitions from Chief Ministers to Prime Ministers and their significant contributions to land reforms and social justice. It also discusses the evolution of political parties like the BJP under the leadership of Lal Krishna Advani and their impactful roles in shaping Indian politics.
Question 7
Name a famous book written by PV Narasimha Rao.
Question 8
Which leader was known as 'Jan Nayak'?
Women Achievements and Awards
Concepts covered:Indian women, achievements, exams, Academy Awards, Oscars
This chapter discusses the significant achievements of Indian women at national and international levels, emphasizing the importance of recognizing women-related accomplishments in various exams. It also touches upon the prestigious Academy Awards, commonly known as the Oscars, and highlights the recognition given in the field of cinema.
Question 9
Why are achievements of Indian women globally significant?
Question 10
What award recognizes contributions to the handloom industry?

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