Quiz LibraryJapan - What is Daily Life Like? (Primary School Geography Lesson)
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Concepts covered:Japanese school life, school uniforms, serving lunch, respect for elders, kanji characters
Japanese daily school life involves starting at age six, wearing uniforms, serving lunch, and learning respect for elders through bowing. Subjects include Japanese, math, science, arts, and home economics, with daily homework and focus on learning kanji characters.
Table of Contents1.Life in Japanese Schools2.Contrasting School Life in Japan and Ireland
Life in Japanese Schools
Concepts covered:Japanese schools, student life, school hours, uniform, school events
Exploring the daily life of students in Japanese schools, from starting age to school hours and uniform requirements.
Question 1
Until what age must children attend school in Japan?
Question 2
Do all Japanese schools require uniforms?
Question 3
When does the school year start in Japan?
Question 4
How many students are typically in a Japanese class?
Contrasting School Life in Japan and Ireland
Concepts covered:Japan, Ireland, school life, respect, kanji characters
School life in Japan differs significantly from that in Ireland, with a focus on respect, responsibility, and unique cultural practices like serving lunch and thorough cleaning. Japanese students learn a wide range of subjects including traditional arts and are expected to master over 2,000 kanji characters by age 11.
Question 5
What subjects are taught in Japanese schools?
Question 6
What type of homework is common in Japanese schools?
Question 7
What is usually included in a Japanese school lunch?

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