Quiz Library(1) How to change a tire Honda Accord and How to Jack up car
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tff8Q14MHnUvideo
Concepts covered:flat tire, Honda Accord, scissor jack, lug wrench, tire pressure
The video demonstrates how to change a flat tire on a Honda Accord, including locating the spare wheel, using the scissor jack and lug wrench, and properly tightening the lug nuts to the recommended torque. It also emphasizes the importance of following safety guidelines and checking the tire pressure for the spare tire.
Table of Contents1.Locating and Accessing the Spare Wheel in Your Car2.Understanding Emergency Spare Tires3.Car Jack and Tire Change Procedure
Locating and Accessing the Spare Wheel in Your Car
Concepts covered:spare wheel, trunk, tools, flat tire, fastener
When faced with a flat tire, it's essential to know the location of the spare wheel and the tools needed for replacement. Typically found in the trunk, the spare wheel is secured by a fastener and can be accessed by removing it with the provided tools.
Question 1
What tools are typically provided with the car for tire change?
Question 2
What is the first step to access the spare wheel?
Question 3
Where is the spare wheel usually located in a car?
Question 4
What might make removing the spare wheel's fastener difficult?
Understanding Emergency Spare Tires
Concepts covered:emergency spare tires, owner's manual, maximum recommended speed, tire inflation pressure, valve stem
The chapter discusses the limitations and recommendations for using emergency spare tires, emphasizing the importance of following the owner's manual for safety. It highlights the narrow size and maximum recommended speed of these tires, cautioning against exceeding the specified limits.
Question 5
Why is it important to check the tire pressure?
Question 6
Why is the tire for emergency use only?
Question 7
Why shouldn't you drive on spares for a long time?
Car Jack and Tire Change Procedure
Concepts covered:car jack, pinch weld, lug nuts, spare tire, breaker bar
How to Safely Use a Car Jack and Change a Tire
Question 8
When should you fully lower the car after changing a tire?
Question 9
How can you ensure the tire mounts flush to the hub?
Question 10
How should the spare tire be aligned before installation?

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