Quiz LibraryConfident Ninja | Read Aloud | Storytime with Princess Candy Cotton
Created from Youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pWg6cucbiggvideo
Concepts covered:Princess Candy Cotton, Confident Ninja, Mary Nin, self-confidence, positive affirmations
Princess Candy Cotton reads 'Confident Ninja' by Mary Nin, a story about a ninja named Confident Ninja who overcomes self-doubt and learns to build confidence through positive affirmations, embracing failure, and setting goals.
Table of Contents1.Confident Ninja: Overcoming Self-Doubt2.Empowering Self-Talk: The Confidence Code3.Embracing Failure for Success
Confident Ninja: Overcoming Self-Doubt
Concepts covered:Confident Ninja, self-doubt, standing up for others, boosting confidence, overcoming adversity
Confident Ninja, once plagued by poor self-confidence, learns to embrace himself and stand up for others, even in the face of adversity. With the help of Smart Ninja, he discovers a secret method to boost his confidence and believe in himself.
Question 1
How did Confident Ninja's behavior change over time?
Question 2
Why did Confident Ninja speak up for others?
Question 3
What did Confident Ninja do during gym class?
Empowering Self-Talk: The Confidence Code
Concepts covered:Positive self-talk, Resilience, Setting goals, Inner voice, Confidence
The chapter delves into the power of positive self-talk, emphasizing the importance of picturing oneself succeeding, practicing resilience in the face of failure, and setting clear goals. It highlights the significance of replacing negative inner voices with positive affirmations to boost confidence and achieve success.
Question 4
How can you change a negative inner voice?
Question 5
What is a positive affirmation?
Question 6
Why is believing in yourself important?
Embracing Failure for Success
Concepts covered:Failure, Success, Growth Mindset, Goal Setting, Confidence
Successful individuals often face multiple failures before achieving success, as seen with J.K. Rowling's 12 rejections before Harry Potter was published. Embracing failure is crucial for growth, with examples like the Wright brothers failing seven times before creating a functional airplane.
Question 7
Why did Confident Ninja finally make the team?
Question 8
What mindset helps people keep trying after failing?
Question 9
How can you make achieving goals easier?

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