Quiz LibraryIs Social Media Hurting Your Mental Health? | Bailey Parnell | TEDxRyersonU
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Concepts covered:Bailey Parnell, social media, mental health, Highlight Reel, FOMO
Bailey Parnell discusses the negative impact of social media on mental health, highlighting stressors like the 'Highlight Reel,' 'Social Currency,' 'FOMO,' and 'Online Harassment.' She emphasizes the importance of recognizing these effects, auditing social media consumption, creating a better online experience, and modeling good behavior offline.
Table of Contents1.Unintended Consequences of Social Media on Mental Health2.The Impact of Social Media Highlight Reel on Self-Comparison3.The Social Currency of Likes and Attention4.Understanding the Dark Side of Social Media5.Recognizing and Improving Online Behavior for Better Mental Health
Unintended Consequences of Social Media on Mental Health
Concepts covered:Social Media, Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Stress
The chapter delves into the impact of social media on mental health, highlighting the stressors and negative effects it can have on individuals, leading to anxiety, depression, and stress. The author shares personal experiences and research findings to shed light on the pervasive influence of social media on our daily lives.
Question 1
Why is social media worthy of critical observation?
Question 2
What is linked to high social media use?
Question 3
How long do people spend on social media daily?
The Impact of Social Media Highlight Reel on Self-Comparison
Concepts covered:Social Media, Highlight Reel, Self-Comparison, Insecurity, Comparison Culture
Social media serves as our personal highlight reel where we showcase our best moments, leading to constant comparison with others and feelings of insecurity. The culture of comparing our behind-the-scenes to others' highlights has been exacerbated by social media, perpetuating a cycle of self-doubt and unrealistic expectations.
Question 4
What does the Highlight Reel represent on social media?
Question 5
How has social media changed personal comparisons?
Question 6
How can comparing highlight reels affect self-esteem?
The Social Currency of Likes and Attention
Concepts covered:Social Currency, Attention Economy, Self-worth, Identity, Validation
In the digital age, social media interactions like likes and shares have become a form of social currency, attributing value to individuals. This phenomenon is shaping our sense of identity and self-worth, leading to an obsession with seeking validation through online engagement.
Question 7
How does social media impact our self-worth?
Question 8
What behavioral change is caused by social media obsession?
Question 9
What is social currency in social media?
Understanding the Dark Side of Social Media
Concepts covered:FOMO, online harassment, anxiety, depression, addiction
Exploring the impact of FOMO and online harassment on social media users, highlighting the rise of anxiety, depression, and addiction associated with excessive social media use.
Question 10
What should we focus on to combat social media's dark side?
Question 11
What is a common result of unchecked social media use?
Question 12
What is a recommended approach to social media use?
Recognizing and Improving Online Behavior for Better Mental Health
Concepts covered:social media, mental health, online behavior, self-awareness, positive online experience
Recognizing the impact of social media on mental health is the first step towards addressing it. By being aware of the power of suggestion and monitoring what we consume online, we can create a more positive online experience and improve our well-being.
Question 13
What offline behavior should be modeled online?
Question 14
How did the partner improve his self-worth?
Question 15
Why is awareness critical in recognizing effects?

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